Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wicked Weekend

Most of you know that I spent the weekend in Portland with some friends. We went to see Wicked. What I was amazed to find out is how many people on facebook probably think I spent the weekend in Portland doing something entirely well, wicked. It is a musical people! and a very good one at that. Loved it and desperately want to take my gigi who saw the program and was very interested. We had to go online and look at pictures of the Broadway show. I had to explain every scene and tell her the entire story. She wants to go now. So I am putting that on my bucket list, that and Thanksgiving weekend in New York and the Macy's day parade! Yep that is going on there too. I would love to tell you all the details of the weekend but that would take a while and you may not understand everything anyway especially if you are male. You know a group of girls, no kids, no We had tons of conversation, well pretty much non stop talking. I think we scared a few waiters...especially Addison... and a few restaurant patrons. Some pretty interesting shopping, downtown Portland has some very eccentric shops and we managed to stay out of trouble which is saying something for some of these girls! So if you ever have the opportunity to spend a little time with all the gals that went you will probably hear some funny stories and you will make some new friends very quickly. These girls are awesome, fun and the best part...they are real!

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