Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The cat came back

Have you ever heard the song, "the cat came back"? It's an awful tune that gets stuck in my head occasionally and drives me to the brink of insanity. For whatever reason my son's first grade music teacher had them sing it in a program. So for the last 6 years it has been haunting me. This post is not really about that song, it is about our cat though. This week has been an interesting one in kerbyville. We were supposed to kick Murphy out of our house this year so things would quit breaking (you know, Murphy's Law). So the first two days of 2011 were awesome. Day 3, not so much. Not only was it back to school/reality day, it was also the day my gigi was scheduled to get 2 teeth pulled. All that went without a hitch and we made it home by 5:00 so I could start dinner. As I was cooking dinner, managing homework, sending the mister off to class, and playing nursemaid to my crying girl I decided to feed the small zoo that lives at our house. I headed out on the deck to feed the dog and 2 cats. Our male kitty Simba was being especially lovey so I pick him up. He started freaking out so I flipped him around feet out so he wouldn't scratch me. I looked down and figured out very quickly why. He had basically skinned his entire back leg. I mean muscle was showing. I don't do so well with that kinda stuff but I was the only responsible adult at home so I had to suck it up. The mister was gone so I gave gigi some Tylenol and put my little man in charge of cooking dinner. Simba and I headed to the vet. Now if you know the mister then you know that he is a farm boy. If you don't know what that means or you are a member of PETA you might want to quit reading this. On a farm cats are good for one thing, killing pesky critters. Well that is what our cats are for as well. That and to sit on my lap on early summer mornings and purr. Any hoo, spending any amount of money to save a cat is not really in the mister's budget but off to the vet we went anyway. We go in and wait for the estimate. I am texting the mister to see what he thinks. Final verdict? $350.00. Yowza! I text the mister, no response, I wait, no response, the vet assistant comes in and wants my decision, no response. So, I say okay, leave the cat there and head home. Once I am home I am flooded with text from the mister and remember that remark about saving cats not being in the budget? Yeah. Let's just say he was not to happy. The next morning I get up and head to the vet at 7:00am to pick up Simba. I bring him home all shaved and stitched with his little cone on his head. He has to have meds twice a day and live in our mud room for the next 2 weeks. The mister is looking at me like I have lost my mind. Let's just say we had to have a little mediation to work out our differences of opinion on the cat. It was said and done so we had to move on. My job as cat nurse had begun. A couple of days later the mister says to me, did you hear anything last night? Nope not really, did the cat meow all night? Nope, I heard a noise and thought there was someone outside. Went to investigate to find that the cat had escaped his kennel and was bumping into things with his cone head. So I put him away. I knew then that all would be well in kerbyville. The mister had accepted the cat mishap and moved on. The new joke in our house? Hmm, we could go out for dinner but we had to fix the cat, do you know how many ski passes you can buy for $350?, haha! I know that sounds like a lot to spend on a cat. I know people out there that would spend more to save their pet. I also know that he has taught us a lesson. Sometimes things that make no sense are the right thing to do. Would I do it again? yes. Once the mister saw how upset I was over the whole thing he sucked it up, bit his tongue and let me nurse that kitty back to health. He hasn't even complained about the fact that it is living in our mud room for 2 weeks. At night when I go down and put Simba in his kennel, I hear him purr loudly and he looks up at me I know I sound crazy but I swear that little kitty is saying thank you.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Mother of the Year

So my girl had to have 2 teeth pulled today. Poor thing. It took her forever to get teeth and now it is taking forever to lose them. She didn't even lose her front teeth until she was in second grade and even then it took her brother accidentally headbutting her and her dad popping them out since they were hanging by a thread. Now she is well on her way to providing our dentist and orthodontist some really nice vacations. She was a trooper though. She sat right in that chair and took the laughing gas like a pro. The best part is it really does make her laugh. She giggles uncontrollably while her teeth are being pulled out with pliers. I know there is probably some technical term that makes it sound way better but that is what they look like. As she lay there laughing and holding on to her piggy pillow pet for dear life she looked right at the dentist and said that doesn't look like a very friendly tool. I tell you, I love that girl. She is a hoot. So tonight as I tucked her into bed she looks up and says in a very slurpy voice, "Mama, are you the tooth fairy?" Hmmm, how do I answer this one? "Well, what makes you think that?" "Do you remember that time that the tooth fairy forgot to come and you were really tired, and then the next night you were tired and the tooth fairy forgot to come again?" " Um, yes." "Well, that makes me think you are the tooth fairy" "Well, hun you have to believe for the tooth fairy to come." "Okay, mom but can you give me two bucks. I should at least get a dollar a tooth since I had to have them pulled" I just smiled and said goodnight. I am pretty sure that has earned me the mother of the year award. So tonight I will not forget, I will not forget, I will not forget!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 at OneTrueMedia.com

Our Year in Review

2010 came to a close so quickly that I have hardly had time to reflect on all that means. I didn't even realize we were ending a decade until yesterday. Didn't we just end a decade? How does tome move so quickly? So as a take a moment to stop and reflect on our year I am grateful. I never would have dreamed that our family would be so full of life. 10 years ago I was pregnant with gigi and my little man was about to turn 2. Soon we would be knee high in diapers and sleepless nights. I thought it would be forever before we would taste a little bit of parental freedom. Now here we are 10 years later. My little man is well not so little. Tonight he informed me that I needed to change his blog name. He's thinking about what it should be. He will turn 12 in 3 weeks and next year at this time I will be facing having a teenager in the house. My gigi, well she will hit the double digits this year and that takes my breath away just thinking about it. 10. So where did the last 10 years go? Well, we were busy living. Living in the moment and enjoying every minute of it. I have known since the day my kids were born that we were one day closer to them leaving and I have tried to breathe in every moment they are with me. I am not going to pretend that I haven't had those mom moments of what am I doing and wouldn't life be easier if....I would be lying if I said every moment of motherhood was glorious. My kids have made me a better person and they have made us into a family. So I am not even going to think about where we will be in another 10 years. That's just a little to much to think about right now. I am gonna keep on living in the moment and enjoying every minute of it. Here are a few of our 2010 moments for you to share.