Friday, February 11, 2011

My life in overhaul

Oooo, this little blog needs a major overhaul but so does my entire life at this point! I swear I have a million little thoughts and some really good posts floating around in this space between my ears, I just don't have one free minute to jot them down. My house is still a mess, there are walls that still need painting, cleaning, laundry, school projects, lessons, organizing, etc etc. I swear I need an assistant. My housekeeper can't come because my house is in shambles so that means it's me. The mister has been traveling a lot and has been picking up some extra shifts at the hospital on the weekends. I am beginning to wonder what he looks like. So life in kerbyville has been well just a teensy bit hectic! I keep telling myself this weekend it will be done, nope I have accepted that my house will probably be like this for at least 3 more weeks, ahhhhh! My OCD has kicked into overdrive. Don't even get me started on my trip to Hobby Lobby and a stroll down the scrap booking aisle. When you are 4 years behind can you still count yourself as a scrapbooker? Summer where are you!?

Longing for days of leisure

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


That about describes things here in kerbyville. Chaos! and it has been making me just a little crazy. I don't really know if I mentioned the fact that everything and I mean just about everything in our house went kaput last year. It started with putting in underground sprinklers. You see apparently our pump was to small and about dead. No big deal right. Right, except for the fact that right after that our lawn tractor died, then the pool pump, the pond pump (I'm beginning to see a theme with pumps), the video camera, the tires on our SUV, and the boat engine. Then one day in June we woke up to water pouring out of our ceiling downstairs. A pipe had broken in the room that we had just remodeled. Not the ugly bathroom with the 1970's laminate and mustard tub, nope the room with new granite and laminate flooring. So what did we do well rip out the wall only to have a plumber tell us that basically our whole house needed to be re plumbed. Wonderful! So I lived for 6 months with a hole in my wall and ceiling. My husband decided that January would be an awesome time to re plumb the house. Not the summer when I am off but smack in the middle of the school year. So we have been tearing out walls and pipe. Fun, fun. My house has been cover in sheet rock dust and rusty water stains for weeks now. Finally this past weekend we got most of it back together. I painted 3 bathrooms, my laundry room, mud room, bedroom wall, and part of the hallway. I have managed to tame most of the sheet rock dust and have finally gotten all the grime off the floors. It is nice not to have to wear shoes just so you don't feel all the grit on the floor. The bright side? We have lots of water pressure and you don't freeze if you are in the shower and someone turns on a faucet. Two people can actually shower in two different bathrooms....amazing! So I have been very, very busy with this house. Tonight is the first night that I have been able to just chill in weeks. Ahhh I am loving it. I am praying that this year is not as eventful but if you read my previous post about the cat well, not looking hopeful. BTW, the kitty is doing well and stays very close to home these days. I think he really would just spend his entire day sitting on my lap if I let him. So here is to 2011 being a better year. I think it will be considering 10 minutes ago my backspace key would not work and now it is working fine. See things are looking up!