Sunday, September 21, 2008

Counting Down!

Life has been a little crazy in Kerbyville. The little man is on his second round of being sick. That's right second illness since school started. We have all had colds, sore throats and stuffy heads. It has been busy, busy, busy. I thought I was going to get some extra help at work since the number of students that I have between two schools is so high....not happening. I will just have to make it through and I guess at the end of the year I can make myself a T-shirt because the school district sure won't buy me one. They are getting a bargain....2 counselors for the price of 1. In all of the craziness I have been looking for something that will make my stress level go down just a little. I have been looking for a light at the end of the tunnel. That is when I found this..................
in 40 days this is where I will be! Ahhh... one week to relax and forget about schedules, lunches, laundry, homework, bedtimes, and whatever else seems to scream for my attention. I am on the countdown to Puerto Vallarta. 40 days baby! I don't know if it is to soon to start counting but I don't really care. I am going to look at this picture when I get stressed and try to think warm sunshine, long days, and time to regain my sanity. We are going with the mister's brother and family and some friends. There will be a bunch of kids to entertain each other so the grown ups can actually have a conversation or two. I can't wait..... 40 days!


Are you the creative type? I have a friend that is starting a new business and I think it is kind of cool. Check out her wesite to see for yourself I am thinking that I might have to check out one of these parties. Very Cool!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Today is the mister's birthday. He has finally caught up to me. He just loves those three months a year when he can say I am older especially now that we are pushing 40. Yesterday we met with friends from church. It was there son's birthday today too so we had a little celebration. In honor of both the birthday boys I made this....

I know, I know but how do you tell an 11 year old that he can't like BSU. His parents are Vandals. Any way, everyone thought it was cute and the kids had a lot of fun with the cake.
Happy Birthday to You!!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Are you ready for some football!!!!

Saturdays have become very busy at our house....we are in football season. The little man has started his first year of tackle and boy does he think he is big. They practice hitting hard, grunting and growling...yeah it's a guy thing and I am trying hard to understand. Suddenly he needs to consult his dad on everything and I really have no clue about life. I am trying hard to let this happen but it is not very easy. There are a few rules that I have learned about being a mom of a boy....never ask if it hurts to get tackled, never ask if marks on his feet hurt, never ask if anything hurts!, never attempt to help him put on or take off his pads even if he is spinning in aimless circles trying to get them may touch the pads if he ask you to, never talk about anything that went wrong at practice until you are in the privacy of your car, and never attempt to slap his helmet of shoulder pads, only guys do that. Large learning curve but hey I am getting there. On the other hand I am a cool mom of a cheerleader because I know a few cheers, remember how to do stunts, and remember least I had a girl so I can feel some sense of worth! Here are a few pics of the day...I am allowed to take pictures....

My girl cheering her heart out!

He's on the move...number 34.

Making some contact.

Cheering makes her a little crazy!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


There is a day that my little girl has been waiting for. She has been talking about it since kindergarten....through first grade...and now into second. She kept asking when it would happen, when I thought it would happen, and why wasn't it happening. I had actually forgot about it because she had not been asking about it much lately. Tonight when dad was tucking her into bed she asked him to check and see if it was getting close and pop.....

out came the tooth. Finally! She gets to put her name on the lost tooth poster at school. She has been waiting to be included in that count since kindergarten. She has been wiggling her little tooth for years hoping it would come out. She was so excited that I couldn't help laughing with her. The sentimental part of me thought back to when that little tooth first peeked through those could it's job already be done! Oh little one you are growing to fast!