Tuesday, September 2, 2008


There is a day that my little girl has been waiting for. She has been talking about it since kindergarten....through first grade...and now into second. She kept asking when it would happen, when I thought it would happen, and why wasn't it happening. I had actually forgot about it because she had not been asking about it much lately. Tonight when dad was tucking her into bed she asked him to check and see if it was getting close and pop.....

out came the tooth. Finally! She gets to put her name on the lost tooth poster at school. She has been waiting to be included in that count since kindergarten. She has been wiggling her little tooth for years hoping it would come out. She was so excited that I couldn't help laughing with her. The sentimental part of me thought back to when that little tooth first peeked through those gums....how could it's job already be done! Oh little one you are growing to fast!


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Clover said...

FINALLY!!! Funny that we were just talking about this. :)