Friday, August 29, 2008

See What I Mean.... has been a really crazy week. The first week of school is always full of tears at our house. I know that sounds terrible but everyone is so tired in the evenings and someone usually ends up in tears. Last night gigi and I went to Staples while the little man was at football practice. One would think that a trip to Staples would not end in a crying would think. Well, gigi was so tired and when I would not buy a bucket of pick your own paperclips the tears started to ended with me being the world's worst mom because I would not buy the velvet color by number poster. Finally we made it out the door and into the car. I thought that maybe I could ease the tension of the day with a little sugar and a stop at Krispy Kreme. I needed that sugar high as much as she did. Did I mention that I am working at two schools this year and between the two I have 1125 students....yes that is one thousand one hundred twenty-five students to one I said.... I need the sugar high...I actually think I need something stronger but Krispy Kreme will have to do. So.....we make the trek into the store which instantly dried the tears and put me in number 1 mom standings again! Woo Hoo....the things that fried dough can do for you. Any hoo...went to order and gigi just loves the ones with sprinkles that's when I saw this......

AAHHH.......see what I mean.....I am in the heart of Bronco nation....they have even invaded Krispy Kreme. I asked the guy behind the counter if they had ones with black and yellow sprinkles and he gave me a blank stare, no not because he was totally appalled that I was a Vandal, my guess is by the looks of the tattoos and piercings he was not really familiar with university life. So I bit the bullet and bought the Bronco doughnut. It's killing me!!!

* On a side note did you see that McCain's running mate is a Vandal. That's right there might just be a Vandal in the White House. I wonder if there are any Broncos in the White House...probably, I think they drive the food services trucks...graduates of the Boise State Truck Driving School!

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