Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I am a Vandal

I am a Vandal, I am a Vandal, I am a Vandal but I happen to live in Bronco Nation. Some of you feel my pain and others have no idea what I am talking about...well here it is....I am a Vandal and the Broncos are our rivals...arch rivals might be a better word. I mean we coined the cheer "Who do we hate, Boise State". Yeah, I know the tide has turned and BSU has beat us for the last oh I don't know 12 games? I will remind everyone that before that Idaho had won the previous 13 or 14 games. Any way, you might wonder where this is going. Well, my little man has started tackle football this year and they hold the opening jamboree at BSU. The kids get to play on the blue turf and yeah, it's kinda cool especially when you are 9. We're talking a college stadium here. After the little man's game on Saturday we headed over to an area where they were having a free bbq for the players. One the way we passed by the weight room/indoor practice area for the BSU players, that's when we ran into this guy.....

Yeah, it's Ian Johnson...you know the Fiesta Bowl Superstar..blah,blah,blah (sorry did I type that...it's my vandal pride just can't help it). Well, you should have seen the stars in my little man's eyes. I mean this is as close to a real live football hero as you can get and in this town he is a hero. He also happens to be a really nice guy that was willing to stand and take pictures with little guys who were living their dream. So I said get up there and I'll take your picture. The little man ran right up there, all he needed was the word from his vandal parents that it was okay to take a picture with the enemy (oh, see that vandal pride). So, I am thankful that he was there and stopped to take some time with my little guy but I still hope we kick their butts this year!!!

***Had to include this picture...aren't they cute!

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