Monday, August 11, 2008

Hang'n with the Cousins

Here are a few more things that we have been doing this week. The kids have been hanging out with their cousins. They have been on several adventures together.
Here is my little man heading out for a float on the Rappahanock River. Not quite as big as our Rivers and definitely not as cold. I bet the water was almost 90 degrees. They had fun splashing around and finding treasures.
The kids also got to spend some time with their grandpa. Here are all the cousins. My kiddos are the little ones and my brothers are the other two. My nephew is 6'1" and he is only 14. WOW he has grown!

I guess you would call her my niece dog...Miss Maya. She made me miss my Romo. I know the two of them would have had some fun together.
The boys headed out back for some paint ball. My little man loved it so who knows a paint ball gun might be on the Christmas list.
The girls decided to hang out upside down. They are both in gymnastics so they had to show us their moves.

I have been riding around with my brother on his pics....what was I thinking. It is fun. Who knows maybe I will turn into a biker chick!


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Clover said...

We're going to need some Harley pictures please...

Glad you're having fun!!