Sunday, August 10, 2008

Gone with the Wind

Whew, it has been quite a week here in VA. I feel like I have been gone with the wind. We have visited a lot, ate a lot, and learned a lot. Here is a little recap of a few things we have been doing.....

Shopping in Historic downtown Fredricksburg. This is a street view. There is a lot of history here. More battles were fought in Fredricksburg than any other city. There are several old houses with cannon balls in them from the war. This is also the childhood home of George Washington. He built a house for his mother in downtown that is still here.
We went on a Ghost walk one night. This is one of the most haunted towns in the US. This is a graveyard next to one of the old churches. Some of the people buried here date back to the 1700's.
This is Chatam Manor. A home built buy a wealthy family in 1771. This home became the headquarters for the Union Army during the civil war. Abraham Lincoln met here with his leaders during the war. George Washington visited Chatam as well. This home overlooks the city of Fredricksburg. Chatam was a thriving manor before the war. There are documents that over 100 slaves worked here. After the war and the fall of slavery the family was in financial ruins. The home was sold and restored. It is now part of the Park service.
This is a view of the city from the lawn of Chatam. I love the steeple. There are many churches here. I think in a previous life I lived on a plantation or in a manor. Hence the name Scarlett! I will post more, I have tons of pics and stories to tell!

~ Y'all come back now...Scarlett

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