Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Today is the mister's birthday. He has finally caught up to me. He just loves those three months a year when he can say I am older especially now that we are pushing 40. Yesterday we met with friends from church. It was there son's birthday today too so we had a little celebration. In honor of both the birthday boys I made this....

I know, I know but how do you tell an 11 year old that he can't like BSU. His parents are Vandals. Any way, everyone thought it was cute and the kids had a lot of fun with the cake.
Happy Birthday to You!!!!


fab5 said...

I love the cake! I was sad to miss the celebration! Hope Leroy had a great B-day!

Clover said...

ARGH!!! All week before I left town I kept reminding myself to call when I got back on Monday. ARGH. Will you please pass along that I am very sorry to have spaced that. We will celebrate on Saturday night.

I hate to use this as an excuse, but our neighbor situation has really thrown us for a loop at the Golightly house. :(