Friday, February 11, 2011

My life in overhaul

Oooo, this little blog needs a major overhaul but so does my entire life at this point! I swear I have a million little thoughts and some really good posts floating around in this space between my ears, I just don't have one free minute to jot them down. My house is still a mess, there are walls that still need painting, cleaning, laundry, school projects, lessons, organizing, etc etc. I swear I need an assistant. My housekeeper can't come because my house is in shambles so that means it's me. The mister has been traveling a lot and has been picking up some extra shifts at the hospital on the weekends. I am beginning to wonder what he looks like. So life in kerbyville has been well just a teensy bit hectic! I keep telling myself this weekend it will be done, nope I have accepted that my house will probably be like this for at least 3 more weeks, ahhhhh! My OCD has kicked into overdrive. Don't even get me started on my trip to Hobby Lobby and a stroll down the scrap booking aisle. When you are 4 years behind can you still count yourself as a scrapbooker? Summer where are you!?

Longing for days of leisure

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