Monday, January 3, 2011

Mother of the Year

So my girl had to have 2 teeth pulled today. Poor thing. It took her forever to get teeth and now it is taking forever to lose them. She didn't even lose her front teeth until she was in second grade and even then it took her brother accidentally headbutting her and her dad popping them out since they were hanging by a thread. Now she is well on her way to providing our dentist and orthodontist some really nice vacations. She was a trooper though. She sat right in that chair and took the laughing gas like a pro. The best part is it really does make her laugh. She giggles uncontrollably while her teeth are being pulled out with pliers. I know there is probably some technical term that makes it sound way better but that is what they look like. As she lay there laughing and holding on to her piggy pillow pet for dear life she looked right at the dentist and said that doesn't look like a very friendly tool. I tell you, I love that girl. She is a hoot. So tonight as I tucked her into bed she looks up and says in a very slurpy voice, "Mama, are you the tooth fairy?" Hmmm, how do I answer this one? "Well, what makes you think that?" "Do you remember that time that the tooth fairy forgot to come and you were really tired, and then the next night you were tired and the tooth fairy forgot to come again?" " Um, yes." "Well, that makes me think you are the tooth fairy" "Well, hun you have to believe for the tooth fairy to come." "Okay, mom but can you give me two bucks. I should at least get a dollar a tooth since I had to have them pulled" I just smiled and said goodnight. I am pretty sure that has earned me the mother of the year award. So tonight I will not forget, I will not forget, I will not forget!

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Cmom said...

We have ALL been the "tired" tooth fairy once or twice! lol