Friday, March 20, 2009

I know I have been blogging about my kids a lot lately but they have given me so much good material lately that I can hardly resist. Here is a conversation between my gigi and little man in the car. Don't you just get the best conversations in the car?!

I asked my little man why several girls from his class were complaining that he was annoying. He said I don't know. So gigi chimes in, maybe they like you. LM says no they don't crazy girl (yes he calls her that sometimes). So I begin breaking up the fight that is about to start. Then gigi says what do you get all butterflyie (have to put the e sound on the end) when they are around. Lm stop it! I tell gigi we are not talking about people liking each other and you are to young to have boyfriends or girlfriends or to be talking about going out. You can talk about going out when you can actually go out so that is when you can drive a car. We have about 6 years before that will happen. Gigi chimes in again, well I am getting married in 21 years. Okay. So in 20 years I would be 1 year away from getting married so there. WOW! What do you say to that as a mom?

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