Thursday, March 5, 2009


Okay people, if there is still anyone out there, I have about a million little things floating around in my head to blog about. I always seem to think of them when I am driving. Seems like I do a lot of that lately. Burning up the highway between here and basketball or gymnastics or cheer or football or awana or 4-H hmmm, sounds a little busy huh? Well it is, that is why all I can seem to muster lately is the few little lines I squeeze out on my facebook page. I am afraid if I go all deep and dark on facebook some how the few friends I manage to have will unfriend me. So here is my two minute update. More to come on this sad little blog of mine. It is neglected, I know. Oh and by the way, disregard my previous post. It was snowing here today so somehow I think spring is long gone. Blah! Oh and I am off to the #1 unhappiest city tomorrow....Portland. Yep heard that on the radio today. It is the unhappiest city in America. Hopefully I will make it a little happier. 7 girls, no kids, no husbands, Wicked, hotel, shopping, sleeping, could that not make it a happier place!


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