Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I tell you my kids never leave me empty handed when I need something to post about. I just love to listen to their stories and conversations. Last night while we were in the hot tub gigi was telling me all about Saul. Here is how her story went.

Mom, did you know there was this guy in the Bible named Saul? He went walking downtown looking for a church because he wanted to find some Christians to persecute and you know...cuucck sound (slid her finger across her throat) kill. On his way there was a very bright light so bright that he was blinded. It was God telling him to quit killing Christians. His friends that were with him were so scared. So since he was blind he decided to believe in God. Then the light went away and fish skulls fell out of his eyes and he could see again. So he changed his name to Paul. Well, I think it was Paul or was it Paul first and then Saul. Oh, I can't remember. Any way he changed his name and kept going down the road to gymnastics.

So cute! and yes I told her it was the road to Damascus not gymnastics.


Clover said...

Love it. Also the part about cowgirls and chiua...however you spell "small hairless dog from Mexico".

Life As I Know It said...

That is SOOO stinking cute! I love hearing my kids retell Bible stories.