Monday, March 16, 2009


Okay, you get two posts today. I was just sitting here thinking about my gigi and I thought I would share a little of my world with you. Every day I am amazed at my kids. I love, love, love them even when they drive me nuts. Can't hardly stand to be with out'em. The other day we were in the restroom of a local restaurant (we do our best thinking there). It happens to be decorated in a western theme, cowboys, boots, horses, all the things my little girl loves best. Our chat went something like this:

Me: I bet you like this bathroom with all the horses and cowboys. Are you gonna marry a cowboy one day?

Gigi: Nope, I am gonna marry someone who loves to have lots of animals around and who is not allergic to them.

Me: oh. good plan.

Gigi: I am gonna have horses and chickens and cows and pigs and a chiuaua.

Me: Oh, cowgirls usually have bigger dogs than chiuauas. Your horse could step on it.

Gigi: Cowgirls have chiuauas.

Me: really?

Gigi: yeah, there are lots of cowboys and cowgirls in Mexico and they love chiuauas there.

Me: hmm, good point. I guess you can get a chiuaua and still be a cowgirl.

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