Monday, March 30, 2009

Manic Monday

Okay so it is Monday and to add to that it is the Monday after spring break. Blah, back to school, back to work, back to a routine. You always get a reality check after a week of no alarm clock. It is an even bigger reality check after a week on a tropical island, it was 34 degrees this morning...34!! Seriously people it is almost April...ahhh!!! So as I was dragging my kids out of bed this morning, and I was literally dragging them, I was thinking okay this is not so bad, I am awake, we can make it. We were on track and then everything fell apart. Gigi didn't get dressed fast enough, the little man was trying to squeeze in 5 minutes of TV watching before we had to leave and I was wondering if we were going to make the bus. Pile in the car, race down the street to the bus stop, we make it. Now I am all alone and on my way to work. Ah, breathe. So I drive to the wrong school, realize it about half way there luckily they are close so no biggie. Here is the kicker, I am so hot I have to crank up the AC. I am thinking I over dressed until I look at the temp on my car thermo. and realize it is 34 out. Okay, did my fever return, no I feel pretty flash! Are you kidding me?! What the heck? So if you happened to see a 30 something gal driving this morning with the windows down, red face, and singing "Just another Manic Monday" it was probably me. If you have no idea what "Just another Manic Monday" is please keep your prissy comments to yourself. You certainly missed a great decade of music and you are so far from hot flashes that I don't even want to know what you think!



Life As I Know It said...

I adore you! Thanks for keeping it real. And that is another of my favorite songs.

Clover said...

Snort. Prissy comments. Ha! None from me.