Friday, May 30, 2008

Today while I was eating my lunch with some friends at work we started talking about fireflies (growing up I always called them lightening bugs). It was an interesting conversation, one friend was heading to Kansas to visit family and couldn't wait for her girls to catch some in a jar, another at the table had only seen lightening bugs once in his life on a visit to Texas, and another remembered them while visiting family in the Midwest. I immediately went back to my childhood. Aahh, to be outside on a warm summer's eve catching fireflies. What is it about kids catching fireflies that makes all seem right with the world? Is it their excitement that forces us to refocus on the little things or is it that the arrival of fireflies means the beginning of summer's warmth and renewal? Whatever the starting point, the mental journey always seems to take me back to my own jar with holes poked in the lid. I always thought that if you caught enough you could make your own little nightlight. Somehow my mom always convinced me that it was better to set them free before I headed off to dreamland. There was a little part of me that was felt sad today. How will my own kids manage to grow up not catching fireflies on warm summer evenings? Seems they are missing out on a magical moment. I know they will grow up and have magical moments to talk about. I just wish they could share this one with me. I wish I could pack up a few and bring them to Idaho. My kids have had the chance to catch some fireflies and hopefully they will have another one this summer. I am longing to sit on my mom's screened in porch drinking iced tea, listening to the crickets and watching my kids chase fireflies. If we make it back to Virginia I will take some pictures so you can share this magical moment as well. What are some of your magical summer moments?



Clover said...

I have so many that involve the lake, campfires, fishing, staying up late. Oh, and going to the drive in movies in the back of my mom's old Toyota wagon.

But sadly, I have never seen a firefly.

So Blessed said...

I have a new item to put on my to-do list (never had the opportunity to catch fireflies). One of my fondest memories is playing "kick the can" on summer nights with the neighbor kids. We'd play for hours in the dark - hiding, running, and laughing. Who knew it at the time that we'd have such a sweet memory? :)K

VaSista said...

There are plenty of lightning bugs her F'burg, VA. Come on let's catch some.