Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Weekend Warriors

So remember my earlier post about the nice dirt pile I had that we wanted to turn into a pond? It happened this weekend. We order a pond in a box from Costco (love that place), yes they really have a pond in a box and you know what...it rocks! It comes with everything you need...liner, pump, rocks, morter, etc. We were a little skeptical at first so we had a friend that does ponds check it out. He said it looked good to him so we ordered it. Saturday morning we started our project...step 1 dig a big hole (that was mainly the mister's job), step 2 put in liner and place rocks (again the mister's job to move big rocks), step 3 morter rock (again the mister...do you see a theme?), step 4 decorate (that was me), step 5 fill (again I can handle this). Now all I have left to do is some landscaping around it. I am in the process of researching some cool plants...full sun. I am looking for something that will get some height to it but not necessarily a tree. I definitely need color around as well (beige house, beige rocks, beige patio, you see where I am going with this), so if you have any ideas let me know!

The mister using his brute strength to dig a big hole!

Ahhh, all done! Pool party anyone?


fab5 said...

Great Job guys! Can't wait to see it in real life! Just proves my point that you truly can buy anything at costco! love that place! how about this nice pool weather?

Clover said...

If you can get some sunshine at Costco I'm in for a pool party! :)

The pond looks fabulous! How about a couple of Potentia bushes? They can stay compact or get big, depending on how you trim them. And they have lots of either yellow or white flowers. Or a butterfly bush? Or if you want something taller maybe a Syringa/mock orange. They smell so lovely too. Although they may like a little shade...?

Anyway, it looks wonderful and you guys should be proud of all that hard work. :)

VaSista said...

Looks great, great job Leroy.

So Blessed said...

LOVE a water feature! Climbers are nice since you can train them upward - honeysuckle smells very good, roses too. Oh, how about some creeping ground cover to surround the rocks. Fun! :)K