Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Where are you Summer?

(sung to the tune of Where are you Christmas)

Where are you summer? Why can't I find you? Why have you gone so far away? We have so many plans for your warm sunshine, swimming and running by the pool all day. I cleaned my kitchen at least 6 times now, no more snacks now go away.

Where are you Summer? How could you leave me? Please come back and stay. I need you here now, to find my sanity, these children must go out and play.
It's not supposed to be 57 degrees. My shorts are calling me and I shaved my legs yesterday.

Where are you Summer? I need to see you. Please don't leave us behind.
If I watch one more episode of Hannah Montana I think I will lose my mind.
I referee and have to be, the entertainment coordinator.
My ideas have all run dry now and do not have another craft in me.

Where are you summer? Please come back now and save this poor summertime mommy.

I always love you because I send them out to the pool. We spend our days laying in the sun.

You are my favorite of all the seasons because we have so much fun.

Oh please come save me and bring me my sanity, help me to entertain my kiddies.

Summer please don't stay away.
Can you tell I am ready for some summer weather? I know most of you are hot right now with 100 degree temps but it was the high of 60 yesterday and the low was 38. The mountains got a couple inches of snow!!! CRAZY come on summer!


So Blessed said...

I'm with you! Fun song :)K

Clover said...

SNORT! You have a songwriters gift m'dear.

I am So. Sick. Of. This. Weather.