Wednesday, June 18, 2008

15 years

The mister and I jetted off yesterday to Hawaii. We are celebrating 15 years of marriage tomorrow June 19th. When I say that I can hardly believe it. Seems like we were just saying I do and starting our lives together. Young and in love and totally broke. 15 years, a move across country, 2 apartments, 2 houses, and 2 kids later here we are on a beach in kids with us. I wanted to get all scmoopy and do a slideshow to give you peek into those 15 years but I ran out of time preparing for our trip. It may come next week. I wanted to post a few pics though just for fun. We are on Oahu right now but we are flying to Maui in the morning. Aloha!

How did I ever catch his eye with those glasses(thank God for contacts) ur...or that hair!

The beginning!

We are still look'n good!


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Clover said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Thanks for blazing the trail...