Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Weigh In

Okay I promise this is my last post about piggies for a while. Today was weigh in. For you non 4-h'ers you have to take your pigs to the fair ground and have them weighed. Normally this is no big deal. The mister loaded up the pigs and we were on our way. We made it with no problems. As we are waiting in line we see that everyone is picking up their pigs and holding them while they tag the ears and give them a shot. I look at the mister and I am like....are you really going to pick up those pigs. He's like...I guess. It is our turn and he gets the first one no problem...he weighs 62 lbs. Now it is time for the second one who is quite a bit bigger. He tries to lift the thing and I swear he looked like he was going to herniate a disc. He pulls and the pig does not budge. Finally he picks it up...ear tag...shots...weight...92lbs! That's right the mister wrestled a 92 lb. pig and kept him from squirming while they tagged his ear and gave him a shot. This is no easy feat....honey you rock! Oh, piggies are well...not exactly clean. The said 92 lb'er happened to lay in his uh...poop on the way there. The ride home was interesting...let's just say that the mister is showering tonight!


fab5 said...

that is too funny! 4-H is quite the adventure! my dad teared up the first year i sold my steer. can't wait to do it next year!

Clover said...

HA! :)