Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Spring is in the air!

Whew, it is finally starting to feel like spring outside and I am think'n it is here to stay. Finally!!! The snow is almost off squaw butte and apparently that is the clue that you can plant your garden! Yeah! I just love my garden. It is my little oasis. There is just something about putting those little seeds in the ground and watching them grow. The kiddos and I planted a few things this weekend. Spinach, Lettuce, snow peas, and green beans. The strawberries are flowering and the raspberries are sprouting some leaves. I think I might attempt to plant my pepper plants and tomatoes. I will have to put wall-o-waters around them just in case we get another frost. If you have not experienced wall-o-waters they are great. They are basically a plastic sheet that you fill with water and put around your plants. They will protect them from frost to about 20 degrees. This way you can plant earlier and have tomatoes in July! I think we will do pumpkins, corn, cantaloupe, and cucumbers too. The little man is doing a cabbage project for school so we will see what happens. The cabbages are supposed to get up to 40 lbs. That's a lot of coleslaw! After all that is underway, I will have to do my potted plants on the patio. I can't wait to go pick out flowers. It is one of my favorite things to do. Walking through all the different colors and smells...ahhh I just love spring!!! The mister gets a little nervous because I can burn up a visa at the nursery. When we moved into this house the yard was well...UGLY like no other. Anyone that thinks weeds are decorative should not own a house...or at least not one with a yard. I have a whole flower bed in the back just waiting for me to do something with it. I am thinking we will put in a pond/waterfall and then I will plant. I know, I know I will have to do it in stages (I can hear the mister in my head) still the prospect of being able to design the project and start on it gives me chills....I LOVE IT!!!


So Blessed said...

I've been watching that mountain like a hawk - come on melting snow!!!

Clover said...

Me too! Not that I have a garden, but some flowers would be nice!