Monday, May 5, 2008

Sick little piggy

I have a little funny to share about the piggies. One of our little piggies (Wilbur) came down with pneumonia. I know that sounds really weird but apparently the drastic change in temperature is hard on is hard on me as well so I feel for the little guys. It can cause the pigs to cough and they can develop infections. Wilbur started looking sick. He was not eating and we were starting to see his ribs. So the mister called the breeder to see if there was something we should be doing. He told us that we needed to get an antibiotic for him and give it to him for three days. do you get a piggy to take his meds? This should be fun. Well, you have to give him a shot. The mister was definitely in charge of that...the only problem....someone has to hold the pig. I thought no problem I can handle this. We get the meds, needles, syringes, and head to the pig pen. Wilbur was pretty sick so he did not try to run from us. The mister decides this is a good time to teach the little man how to give a shot. So here I am holding the pig by his front foot and his ear. The mister stabs the pig in the rump with the needle, the pig jumps up, I loose grip, the pig starts running around the pig pen with a syringe sticking out of his butt....AHHH! Now we have to catch the pig. Finally we get him cornered but now he is upset. So the mister gets him up against the fence and I grab his front feet again. The pig is very upset so he is squealing well, like a stuck pig! As the mister starts pushing on the syringe the other pig (Porkchop) decides he needs to come to his buddies rescue so he tries to bite the mister. Wilbur is so upset that he is drooling all over me and then he pees on my leg...AHHH again! Did I mention that we were late for a bbq? Well, we were and I was dressed for said bbq and quite frankly I was looking pretty cute in my capris and designer sunglasses. I am sure that I looked like something straight out of the simple life! Needless to say I had to go in and basically hose down. I am happy to report that Wilbur is doing much better and we don't have to give anymore shots! Maybe we should have greased him up first...that would have been really fun!

~Scarlett aka Farmgirl

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