Wednesday, February 27, 2008

AHHH, the kids are in bed and I have a few moments of silence before I head off to sleep. I have to admit I am feeling a little cranky...probably not the best time to blog but it could be therapeutic..right? Life is a little crazy in Kerbyville right now. The mister is out of town all of this week and next. The weekend is already packed and I am wondering if it will ever slow down. Sigh... At times like this one of my favorite verses comes to mind... Be still and know that I am God. You know He just knew he would have to tell us to slow down. Even way back when He had to tell his children to slow down. In an age before e-mail, blogs, cell phones, IM, text, fax, and what ever else that is out there to keep us connected, He still had to tell us to be still. The more connected I am the less connected I feel. I long for a time when I can just be still and chat with a friend over coffee. With all these gadgets you would think that I would have time to call a friend but you know then we would have to pull out the crackberry and see if we had time to even meet. We would probably have to squeeze it in between work, gymnastics, football, walking the dog, grocery shopping, church, laundry, more work....see where this is going. It makes me want to scream. Whew...I do feel better writing about this! So to all my buds out there know that I do think of you and miss you. We seriously need to get together. Life is to short to spend it on work, laundry, grocery get the picture.



Clover said...

Meet me in the mountains. :)

Life As I Know It said...

Hey there! Let me know if you need some company while your man is gone. I could come over after the kids are in bed and we could watch a chick flick or something.

fab5 said...

I have been praying that these next few weeks pass quickly for you! Please let me know if there is anything I can do! I am always up for coffee!