Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Wheww....I think I dropped off the face of the earth for a while. It is not because I have been lacking in random thoughts to post in cyberspace. We had a very busy week and then...wam we were hit with the flu. So our nice long holiday weekend was laying in bed. Here is the break down of what happened if anyone cares! On Friday night I woke up at 1am with that not so great feeling. The one where you try to convince yourself that you are not really feeling this way it was just something you ate....run to the bathroom, 2am run again, 3am again, 4 am AGAIN! This time the mister comes in and says are you sick?...naww just hurling my guts out for the fun of it! He hops in the shower and head off for the hospital because he was moonlighting this weekend. Great all morning with the kids alone! I crawl back into bed and manage to sleep a while. Around 9am I hear the little man telling gigi that mom is sick so we have to clean the house today. He then cooked his sister pancakes (not frozen, from mix). How sweet! until I woke up and looked at the kitchen. It is now about 11am. The kids are down stairs singing Hannah Montana on the kareokee machine. I try some sprite. The mister calls and says he is not feeling to well. Great, now I really am not going to get a break. I lay in bed until 3pm when the mister comes home. He says he is sick and crawls into bed and is out like a light. Guess I am on my own. Time to suck it up like only a mom can do. I get up and try to clean up the kitchen a little. I lay back down. Around 5 I decide the kids probably need dinner and dad is no where in sight. Looks like a spagettio's night, they are nutritious right. At this point who cares they can eat whatever they want. Back on the couch. At about 7 the mister rises from the dead and says hey guys do you need dinner....already on it honey! He is trying I guess. I am feeling better by bedtime and actually manage to eat some toast. The little man has a fever....could be another long night! So I ask the mister why it is that....he stops me mid sentence and says don't say it...say what....you think I am a big baby when I am sick....wow he really does know me!

Here we are 4 days later and gigi and the little man are still fighting the cold. At least I was the only one throwing up! Oh, spring please hurry up!



fab5 said...

i am so sorry you had such a wasted long weekend! i hope everyone is back up and running soon!

Life As I Know It said...

I'm sorry the bug hit your household. It sucks! I hope you all are on the road to recovery!

Clover said...

Oh NO!! I'm frantically trying to think of when we saw you, when we were sick...we all had it too. It hit our house hard, and then my dad got it and landed in the hospital for 2 days because it dehydrated him so bad his kidneys started to fail.

Anyway, I am SO SORRY that you got this. And very very sorry if you got it from us. This has been a rough cold and flu season. :(

scarlett said...

Thanks for thinking of us! Clover you all did not get us sick. I think that it is just going around right now. I actually think that they may have picked it up at the hotel with grandma. All the little kids that were there are sick this week.