Monday, February 25, 2008


Some days I am so random, you know how you head off to do something only to find that you are doing something else when you finally remember what it was that you were originally going to do? I know that all of you moms know exactly what I am talking about. You head off to flip around the laundry and you end up making beds or cleaning the bathroom or watching some random TV show, and learning some random fact. Did you know that the fastest animal on earth is actually a beetle that runs so fast it has to stop to see what is around it? See what I mean....random! Any way that is how I am feeling today. I actually accomplished a lot but feel like I have gone in a million different directions.

I have a few random thoughts from my kids to share:

On Saturday I was doing laundry and I told my little man that he needed to put away his laundry. Of course he pitched a fit.... Why do I have to put away my laundry, why can't you do it...well it is not my laundry it's yours.... I don't think I should put it away...why not....well, one day I am going to be President and I need to get used to someone putting away my laundry cuz when you're President they treat you like a royal man and you don't have to do your own laundry....I had to ask??!!

A thought from gigi... Last week I missed 3 days of work because of sick kids. I was driving gigi to the doctor and she asked me if I get paid everyday, I said no just once a month, she says well mom you thought you were going to get paid this month but your not, you thought you were though. So I guess the joke is on me and I no longer get paid because apparently I never show up! You have to love kids right?


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fab5 said... i can totally relate to randomness! it seems that is the way my life is right now! i need organization, schedule, structure, and routine and it is totally not happening!