Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Valentine

I have to brag about my Valentine just a little....I know this is late but read my previous post and you will know why. About two weeks ago my wedding ring went missing. I searched the house high and low. I could not imagine where I had put it. When I take it off at night I always put it in one of 3 or 4 or more.... places. Guilty...the mister is always reminding me that I might lose it. We will be married 15 years this summer and I have never lost it so I was not to worried. At first I didn't worry because I was busy and in a rush most mornings. After a few days I started questioning the kids...did you play with mommy's ring...then I started to interrogate...did you put it some where I promise you are not in trouble just remember to always tell the truth....then I started to will be in big trouble if you don't tell me! Another day came and went no ring. Then it was house cleaning day and the housekeeper came and went no ring. Okay now I am worried and I have to confess to the mister that the ring has vanished. I fess up and he seems unconcerned. Then I get upset with don't seem to care that my ring is missing and I need help here! He keeps saying it will show up not to worry....WHAT! It has been almost a week now. A million things go through my mind. I sucked it up in the vacuum, down the drain?, the house keeper has sticky fingers, maybe the mister is has taken it to teach me a lesson because he found it on the edge of the sink somewhere, maybe the mister took it and is upgrading it for a surprise...yeah right...I think he is probably trying to teach me a lesson. So I decide not to worry. The next morning I hop out of the shower and the mister says come here I have an early Valentine's surprise....but I don't want my surprise early....he says trust me you do...well okay...must be better than a box of chevron chocolates..hehe. So I close my eyes and voila...he opens a ring box and there is my long lost wedding ring all shiny and new!!!! and it has a friend with it...a lovely anniversary band...aawwwhhhh!!! I didn't even know what to say, he surprised me! He said I was so worried that he couldn't make me wait another 5 days. I guess my ring dropped off the shelf when he was getting dressed and when he picked it up he noticed that the band was crack (has been for a while but you know not high on the priority list of things to fix) so he decided to take it in and get it fixed. There was a wonderful sales girl who talked him into the anniversary band (bless her heart!) They had to fix the setting because all the prongs were wore thin and the band it thicker now. You know I have always thought it would be nice to upgrade to a bigger diamond or different setting but I missed my ring and was really starting to worry that it was gone for good. I love it just the way it is and would not change it for the world. I mean it was the one he gave me when he asked for my heart!

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Clover said...

Yea! He did good. :)