Monday, October 27, 2008

Vandal Victory!

Well it was homecoming weekend at the Uof I. We headed north to take part in the festivities. I must admit that I had forgotten how charming the Uof I can be in the fall. The leaves are changing and the air is crisp. You can feel football in the air and you can definitely smell the tailgaters cooking up some yummy things are their bbq's. The little man was impressed when we ate lunch and all the waiters were wearing their Vandal gear. You get a little tired of the blue and orange in bronco country. We headed over the Kibbie Dome and caught a little tailgate action, jump houses, and shopping at the bookstore. The game turned out to be a nail biter and the Vandals pulled out a Victory. I have never seen a team or fans so excited over a win. The dome erupted and my little man cheered like crazy. Here are a few picture of the weekend:

The fam on the turf celebrating the victory. The little man had to run a few touchdowns and gigi did a few flips....maybe they have a future here!

Had to get a picture with Joe Vandal!

The guy showed up and started leading some cheers before the game started. You have to admit he is in the spirit.

He is ready for some football.

The kiddos outside the Kibbie Dome. The little man made a sign because he wanted to get on TV. Hey, it's not ESPN but Altitude will work for him.

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Louisiana Belle said...

So you were there when Kandis Tutty's baby brother was crowned homecoming king! Looks like a fun time!