Thursday, October 23, 2008


I know funny title for a posting but that is the exact time that I have woken up the past two nights. Hum, what is that about? Actually, I know....stress, that's right the s word. All day long I talk to people about what stresses them, how to manage it, you have to let it out or it will get the best of you, well I need to listen to my own advice. I have been going about 100 miles an hour the past few months. The good part, well it's almost the end of October and I actually don't know how that happened. The bad part.....3:42am. I know when I am stressed because that's what I do, pop wide awake at the wee hours of the morning and start mulling over my day, what lies ahead, and what mistakes I made the day before. I know, crazy. I need to get it out in my awake hours so it doesn't come out at 3:42am. That is where you come in. Here is where I am laying down that stress, right here in my virtual journal. You are probably thinking what have you been so stressed about? Well, good question. I did manage to figure that out at about 4:18am. Things at work with some know the yucky stuff that counselors have to hear and handle, it comes with the territory but occasional life gets out of balance and it gets the best of me, family, my brother is going through some medical treatments for thyroid cancer, we are keeping positive but still you know, and of course kids, my kids get a little stressed in life and I need to make it better for them. So with all that said I have been trying to figure out how to regain some balance in my life. I think I found a little peek into what the answer will, not Puerto Vallarta in 10 days, although that will definitely help. It is the Ladies Bible Study that I am starting. We are focusing on the Psalms of ascent. I am not totally sure what that means but all I know is Beth Moore promised that I would be happier after this study and I am holding her to it. Not that I am not happy but hey we can always be happier right? She also said something that really gave me a boost. We are only in the situation we are in for a moment. We are not stuck there forever. So with all that said, life will calm down soon and things will get back in balance. Even in the mist of stress and even at 3:42am, I am happy and grateful for the wonderful people in my life, the mister who rubs my back, my kids who miss me when I am not there, my friends that let me vent, my family who calls and gets way excited to see me, and even my job because I know it is my calling. God has blessed me more that I ever imagined or deserved. So to all this stress.......I am letting you go!!!!



fab5 said...

Praying for you friend! Glad you are doing Bible Study-it looks great! Hope you have a great weekend!

Clover said...

Girl, you are going a million miles an hour. Maybe it's time to really push for some help at work?

I am so sorry about your brother. I didn't know that! :( But I will keep him in my thoughts. Let me know how it goes please.

The countdown is in single digits. We will be soaking up fun and sun in just days now.