Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fridge on the fritz

So like a week ago my fridge was making a very strange noise, since I was on my way out the door to work and late like usual I decided to worry about it later. Sometimes you just have to do that. When I came home there was no noise so I figured all was well. A few days later I started to notice that my milk was not as icy cold as usual but again thought it was in my head. A few days after that I mentioned it to the mister and he agreed that things did not seem as cold. Last night I was becoming concerned so I cranked to to as cold as it gets went to bed and decided I would call a repair guy in the morning. This morning I got up as usual and was following my daily routine...shower, let the dog out, wake up kids, make my carnation instant breakfast,.... umm this is where everything fell apart. You can imagine my dismay when I went to pour the milk into my instant breakfast and it looked more like cottage cheese than was not frozen...Ewwww! Panic...maybe I waited a little to long to call that repair guy?!


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