Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday Football

Well, it's Sunday and football is in full swing at my house. I am on the countdown to the Superbowl. Who knows what will happen around here with no Sunday afternoon football. Life in kerbyville may be knocked off it's axis and go spinning into some black hole! Every Sunday has been the same since September. The mister curls up in his Seahawks blanket and prays that the hawks will make it this year. My little man adorns his Seahawks uniform and dreams of being a star. He yells out plays.."Hasselbeck to Alexander...touchdown!" It was rough on them when the Seahawks were knocked out of the playoffs. The little man had a really rough time since he is a closet Dallas fan too. Both of his team went down. I mean he named our new puppy Romo. It snowed today so he adorned his hawks uniform once again. He is in the front yard reliving the big game, Green Bay vs. Seattle. He is out there carving out yard lines in the snow and yelling out plays, according to his game Seattle is well on their way to the Superbowl! I know I whine and complain about our schedule being controlled by the big game, but a little part of me will miss this Sunday ritual. I will miss seeing my little guy diving for the ball and dreaming of making that winning touchdown. Curling up on the couch for a nap, lulled to sleep by announcers. Watching gigi breakout in the occasional cheer...sack that quarterback! It has become a family tradition in kerbyville and yes, I will miss Sunday football!



Life As I Know It said...

Way cute! I can just picture your little man outside playing football in the snow. When did you get a new puppy? What kind?

scarlett said...

We have a chocolate lab and we got him in Nov. He is something else!