Friday, January 11, 2008

I've Fallen

So I guess I have fallen for the world of blogging. I didn't think I would. Maybe it was peer pressure, maybe it was reading about everyone else's wonderful lives and thinking hey, mine is not so bad either. Who knows. All I know is that it is just a little weird thinking that my thoughts are floating out there in cyberspace. I have a little confession though. I'm just a little worried that no one is going to read this and if you do you don't really care about what I am saying. I know that I can ramble and I have the occasional odd thought here and there but hey, can you help a girl out here and at least let me know if you are reading this.... oh, and if you could care less about what I have to say, keep it to yourself!



Clover said...

I'm reading, I'm reading!! So glad you're going to do this. I'll link to you from my blog if you would like.


Hometownbrother said...

Hey, this is your favorite Mom in your favorite state, by your favorite beach. Just reminiscing of the days when you were this size. Now you have a little lady that looks like your clone. Then there’s the little man who would like to type on the on the typewriter from my attic at a greater speed than I am doing this morning! I’m so glad there’s a guy out there who is spoiling you rotten. The pictures are great! Just want you to know that lots of love is sent with this note. Love to you all in Kerbysville.