Friday, January 18, 2008

Do you watch American Idol? We enjoy our share of reality TV at our house. I love to watch the try outs and I am completely amazed every year. I mean where do they find these people. This year my favorites so far are the girl that thought she was Princess Leia. She actually wondered why people thought she was a dork. Oh I don't know was it the Princess Leia hairdo, the ginormous Star Wars belt buckle, the fact that she was very proud that she had attended the 30th anniversary Star Wars convention, or that she could not sing! Then there was the guy that dresses up like a belly dancer. Paula took one look at that ape man chest and said he needed a wax. What was more amazing was the fact that he left, found someone to wax that monkey chest, and then came back and attempted to sing don't cha. I am with Simon, he had to be searching for his 2 minutes of fame on TV. Oh and guys three inch chest hair is not attractive or macho! The last nut job to show up was the girl with all the sparkles. She lived in a studio apartment with her mom, two cats, and a dog. She thought that she was the next american idol (again could not sing) and became quite hostile when Simon told her it was not for her. I guess she is going into actressing now. Whew! I mean we are talking completely dilusional. I don't know what is worse, the fact that these people show up or that I spend my time watching them. My favorite by far though is the guy that came dressed in white with the big feathery hat and did a song dedication to Simon. He sang you are my brother (over and over and over). He thanked Simon for allowing all to show up and try out for free of charge. Simon you rock!



Anonymous said...

So I wonder what would happen if we had tryouts for Worship Team? Wouldn't that be a hoot!! I could wear a white hat and sing, "I am your brother, your best friend forever....." or..."Don't cha wish your god was big like mine, don't cha?"

scarlett said...

That would be awesome...would you dress like a belly dancer? Tell Jess to warm up the wax!