Thursday, January 8, 2009

A New Year

The new year has rolled around once again. Everyone is hitting the gym and making resolutions. I am not one for resolutions. I think if you want to change something you should just do it. Why wait around for Jan. 1? I was thinking of this as I was driving to work today. Why...I have no idea. Maybe it is because it occurred to me that it is Jan 8th and I have not even thought about it being a new year. No time to stop and reflect. So this morning as I was driving on clear roads and I was actually on time I had time to think. As I was thinking ever so deeply a song came on the radio. One life is the name of it. I love this song and thought to myself....hey this is going to be my motto for 2009. No resolutions to hit the gym or lose a few pounds or eat better or recycle more. Nope. My motto is going to be to live life to the fullest. If you have heard the song it is all about a man who is dying and reflecting on all he missed in life, how he would change things if he could. My favorite line from that song is you only get one chance to find out what you don't want to miss. Simple yet profound. So quite down cluttered closets, stuffed drawers, old workout videos, unfinished scrapbook pages, and endless projects because I am not making any resolutions to finish you! I am going to have fun, love my kids, play with my family, travel, read, sleep late, chat with friends, stay up late, talk on the phone to long, spend to much time on facebook, watch to much TV,create, make messes, and love life! So there I guess I made a new year's resolution. That's it. None of the things that I am supposed to do but all the things that really matter. Happy New Year everyone...there are some warm chocolate chip cookies calling my name....yes I am going to eat them and yes they will be good!



Life As I Know It said...

You said it perfectly. That's what it should be about. Have fun!

Kim said...

Love it :) K