Monday, January 26, 2009

I've got sunshine

I am happy to report that there was sunshine in Kerbyville today and tonight I actually saw the stars. To be honest I had forgot they were there so we I headed out to feed the dog and looked up it was a nice surprise. Some of you may wonder what I am talking about and why I would be so happy for sun. When you live in the Northwest there is something called stagnate air. I know sounds lovely. Basically the air does not move so when you live in a valley the air above becomes warmer than the air below. This really means the air does not move so you get a low cloud cover and your valley becomes a pit of fog. That's right, cloudy, foggy, and gray for 2 weeks. So when a storm rolls in and moves out that air, you start praise'n Jesus. Even if that means it is sunny and the high of 20. Hey, at least there is sun!

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