Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Okay so you have to hear my totally absurd Target experience. Tuesday night as I was trying to squeeze in making dinner before picking up gigi and a friend from gymnastics I hear a crash in my living room. I run in to see my Christmas tree laying on the floor. I think what the heck just happened. I ask the little man to help me set it back up when I realize the tree stand broke. We have a fake tree and bought this tree stand last year at Walmart. I call the mister who happens to be in Beverly Hills working and spotting stars (Will Smith) so he decides to help me and search the net while I am driving to get gigi. Tree stands are not very easy to find but he spots one on the Target website. It says IN STORE ONLY so I went to the store. After searching for a while I decided to ring the customer service thingy. Here came someone to help me. I asked about the tree stand and she looked totally clueless so she referred me to another guy that was supposedly the Seasonal expert. I ask him about the tree stand again clueless. I said well it was on your website as an in store only item. He looks at me with a completely straight face and says "Well, 99.9% of the time our website is wrong". Are you kidding me???!!! So I say well that is really helpful. Then he offers me a tree stand for a real tree. I tell the guy that I need one for a fake trees. He says oh, the fake trees come with stand. um yeah I have a fake tree I just need the stand. So he just stares at me like I am nuts. Then along comes Miss clueless to let him know he has another customer that needs his expertise. I walk away shaking my head and wondering what corporate would think of him tell me that their website sucks. I should have know when he walked up that this was hopeless. He had the shifty know where they both go in a different direction so you don't know which one to stare at. I know mean...but you are laughing and if you aren't you really want to. Any hoo, back to square one. I head home but on my way call the mister to let him know that Target's website is wrong 99.9% of the time and a cross eyed dude stood between me and my tree stand. The mister says I just called Walmart for you and they have one. I swing into Walmart and head to the Christmas section just hoping I do not have to call on an associate for help. There on the shelf is one tree stand. The irony??? it is the exact same piece of *&@# tree stand that I had at home in several different pieces. I grab it pay the 7 bucks and head home wondering what the heck just happened. Seriously? Did I do something to deserve this? Got home put the tree back up only to find that it was swaying back and forth. I put books under each leg, say a prayer, and go to bed. What else do you do?

Bah humbug....Scarlett

** If you happen to have a good idea for a tree stand apparently there is a market. Just make sure it is not a piece of %$#@.

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