Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Okay it is 6am and I am posting. If you know me at all that is crazy because I always get up at the last second. I have a huge knot in my neck so I was up at 4am. Hopefully my massage lady will fix that today. As I was sitting here in the quiet of the morning my mind has a little time to wander. A luxury most moms don't get due to all the background noise. There has been a theme in my life lately that has surrounded gratitude. I know that it comes with the Thanksgiving season and all but this year it has spoken to my heart. Last night in our small group we were asked to give one thing that we were thankful for. No pat answers allowed, you know the ones, God, kids, husband, country. We had to really think about one thing we were thankful for outside of all that. One word has been coming up lately and that is forgiveness. I am thankful for forgiveness. Maybe that sounds like a pat answer and yes I am thankful that God forgives our sins but more than that I am thankful that God allows us to forgive others and that He heals relationships. I am also doing a Beth Moore Study right now (Psalms of Ascent) and I have been struggling just a little to get into it. This week hit me square in the face. It was about forgiveness. She talked about how God forgives us and does not keep a record of our sin. If He did we could not stand. I thought about that and what that really means. The fact that God keeps no record yet we keep every detail of when we have been wronged. I know I do. God has been working on my heart in this area and when I finally got it the very thing that I was so desperate for him to fix and heal was done. I cannot tell you the burden that has been lifted from my soul. For that I am thankful. I am thankful for forgiveness.

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Clover said...

I'm so glad for you that all this is happening in your life. This is going to be a pretty special Christmas for you guys! (((hugs)))