Saturday, July 12, 2008


On Friday the kids and I were a little bored so we headed to our local theater and saw the movie WALL-E. It is a new film by Disney/Pixar. I love these guys because they are brilliant and funny. I haven't seen a Pixar film yet that I didn't like. I wasn't sure if WALL-E would follow suit or not. I am really not into robots and for the life of me I could not figure out what the film would be about. We got our popcorn and drink and settled into our seats, boy was I in for a surprise. Besides completely falling in love with that cute little guy I was amazed at the political/environmental message that this film gave. I mean basically the entire earth is covered in trash because all the humans have bought into consumerism and buy big.....does this sound familiar? One guy decided to send everyone into space while they attempted to clean up the earth. Everyone sits all day in hoverchairs, eat, and talk on their computers...ummm again familiar? All the people seem to weigh well, umm, a lot...okay they are really fat! See what I mean about brilliant? Maybe you are not with me but this film puts consumerism right in our faces! I won't ruin the ending for you. When I left the theater I wanted to recycle everything I could, head straight for the gym, and not eat for a week! I had some SUV guilt to driving home. Listening to this little rant you might actually think I was turning into a such luck clover...although I do like Obama. Anyhoo....very cute movie....very funny twist for the grown ups. I would recommend it. These Pixar guys are well...brilliant!



Life As I Know It said...

I totally understand what youa re saying. I had a lot of those same thoughts when we saw this movie. Very well done.

Clover said...

You had me so excited there for a second... :)

So Blessed said...

Sounds like we'll have to check this one out. Thanks for the review :)K