Thursday, July 10, 2008


Seriously...that is what I was saying to myself last night as we sat at dinner. The mister had just flew back to town on an early flight which put a major kink in my mac-n-cheese dinner. Thank goodness he rescued me when he called on his way home from the airport. Of course the kids and I were standing in the middle of Hastings renting movies and argue about the fact that we did not need to buy yet another stuffed animal, that's when the mister said those magic you want to meet me somewhere for dinner...heck yea! It's that or ummm mac-n-cheese. So anyway this is where things get interesting. We head off to Goodwood BBQ. As we sit down to order my little man starts a rant about the kids menu. He was like "why do they have these stupid names for the know Red Robin cheesey mac-n-cheesey or Denny's Dino nuggets..that is just dumb". Although he does have a point, I am thinking he is just hungry and those of you who have ever seen my child in a hunger meltdown...well, it's not pretty. His blood sugar seriously bottoms out. Finally dad arrives...he usually can calm him a little. That is when it happens. The little man says I don't want to order from the kids menu...I am to big for that...WHAT...WHAT...WAIT..he can't be to big for the kids menu, he is supposed to love the crayons and the color sheet. So, dad does what I could not...he lets him order from the grown-up menu. Here's the kicker...he ate as much as I did. So it is official...we have crossed over to ummm...preadolescences. I actually had someone suggest a book for me to read about preadolescences. I just can't think about that yet, you know deodorant, armpit hair, voice can it be...we are about to enter the twilight zone!


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