Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Reunion in Kerbyville

Helloooo my friends! Whew...I am back. Seems I have been gone for a while and yes the dust that is collecting around here means that I am out having some fun. We were gone last week for a Kerbyville family reunion. I know, the words family reunion can cause some to start sweating profusely and digging frantically through the medicine cabinet to see if they can find that old bottle of Xanax or at least an old bottle of whiskey just to make it through the weekend. Well, it is kinda like that in Kerbyville as well...just kidding. The weekend actually turned out quite nice. We spent time on the lake, horseback riding, playing kick the can (a family reunion tradition) and catching up with old friends/relatives. I have included a few pics so you can see all the fun we had....

The little man and his Papa...uh no resemblance there.

You can make a fashion statement with floaties.

My nephew...Is he not cute?!
My little man learning to water ski.

My gigi with her new "pet" a toad. We left him in a pond with his family.

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Clover said...

We make beautiful babies!! :)

Miss you already. Have fun and give your mom a hug for me.