Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What's a girl to do???

We have gone from flip flops to snow boots in a matter of 3 days here in Idaho. Seriously....it was 80 on Sunday and today it was the high of 47 with a windchill about 15 degrees cooler. What's a girl to do? This poses a serious problem! Do you get the pedicure or not? I mean, why spend the 40 bucks if your cute little toes are going to be stuffed into Sorels! Not to mention the dilemma about shaving the legs. All that work for nothing....heck at this point you need that hair for added warmth. Don't even get me started on whether or not to attempt a self tanner. Trying to get it on evenly so you don't streak or look like you had an accident and spilled Betadine solution all over yourself, I mean this is work!
To add to all of this, there is the dilemma over what to wear to work. It is 3 weeks past Easter and part of me is conflicted when I pull out my black turtleneck sweater. I was raised on the east coast where fashion faux paus are talked about. No white after Labor Day and you put away those winter sweaters after Easter. Obviously their weather is a little different from ours. Still my heart is calling...please put on that sweater...you will be warm! So I have decided to make some new rules about fashion that work for Idaho....

1) The color of your shoes is not determined by the date on the calendar but rather the weatherman.

2) It is perfectly acceptable to wear a turtleneck sweater anytime after Easter if the temperature is below 55.

3) You do not have to shave your legs or get a pedi until the temperature is above 60 for 5 consecutive days.

4) It is not tacky to wear a spring skirt and your ski coat at the same time.

5) A summer glow is not expected until the 4th of July.

So there you have it ladies....new rules for Idaho. So if you are like me and you have been pondering a few of these questions lately, I hope that I have helped take off some of the pressure.



fab5 said...

Thank you so much for your clarification! I feel so much better about the way that I have been dressing these past few weeks. My freezing cold body is still yearning for sweaters, but my lame youthfulness wants to wear the cute spring/summer clothes! Oh I am so sick of turtlenecks!

Clover said...

Very wise. Very wise indeed.

I did paint my toes the other day. But they haven't seem the sun since I wore that spring skirt and winter coat to church on Sunday...

So Blessed said...

Those are some good revisions. I've always been one who wears what I feel like - rules schmules! I'm so with you on those self-tanners! :)K