Sunday, April 13, 2008

Living A Dream

Have you ever had a dream or something that you just wanted so bad you ached to your very core? Well, we lived one of those dreams this week or at least I lived it through my little man. We headed off to Disneyland for spring break. They have added a new show called "Jedi Training". They randomly pick kids from the audience to come up and train with the Jedi. The little man has been dreaming of doing this for a very long time so it was a must on our list of things to do. We went to the first show, he sat up front and jumped and screamed his little heart out....he didn't get picked. The show was way cooler than we expected. Not only do you train but you fight Darth Maul and Darth Vader (if you are not a star wars geek these are the really bad guys). You should have seen his eyes. I don't know who was disappointed worse him or me. I put on my best "it will be okay mom face" and said we would come back until they picked him. So the next day we were there for the first show, front row, screaming loud....the kids on either side of him got picked....okay we will come back again. So we showed up for the next show....again the kids on either side of him. I was beginning to think I needed to slip the Jedi Master a twenty or buy my kid and incredibly goofy hat! Now when the little man came over and said mom can we please come back...I really want to do this...I had to hide the tears that were filling my eyes behind my RayBans. I mean my heart was breaking over Jedi Training. So we came back once again...front row...I said scream and jump and don't let anyone in front of you. He said okay mom I will do my best. Gigi and I said a little prayer for him (she did not want to attend another Jedi training so she was praying hard) Here comes the Jedi Master and he starts picking kids. He picks each kid on either side of him...inside I was like pick him or I will lose it! Then came the magic in the brown shirt. I jumped up and down and was screaming "HE GOT PICKED" I think the people around me thought I was a little crazy but this was our 4TH attempt at this thing. He marched right up on stage and got his robe and training lightsaber. I thought his little heart would pop. He was living the dream!!! I was living the dream!!! I never knew that I could be so excited over anything Star Wars but I was. I put together a little slide so so you can see it too!

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Clover said...

Awww...I remember getting of the monorail last year just as a new Jedi training was starting and thinking of Little Man.

I'm glad you guys went back four times! So sweet.

And how funny that Gigi was prayin' extra hard for him so she didn't have to come back. LOL!!