Thursday, April 10, 2008


So today I head down to my local spa to get the ol' brows waxed. I hop up on the table and get ready for the treatment. You know...breathe deep, try to focus on something other than the wax that is about to rip out your hair by the roots and cause your face to scrunch up into weird contortions. Any hoo, all is well rip, rip, pluck, pluck. I proceed to ask my gal why my brows seem to be growing in more quickly lately. Is it the type of wax, do I need to pluck in between treatment, ...what? She says well, your hair can grow more quickly at times and can be effected by hormones...oh...ummm...well...could that have anything to do with the hotflashes I have been having? I am not talking about the occasionally ooohh I feel a little warm. I am talking full blown, red faced, stand outside in 30 degrees to cool off hotflashes. Wake up at night, soaking wet, change the jammies, hotflashes. I kinda chalked it up to stress (not that I have ever had hotflashes associated to stress, just seemed easier to deal with). I do NOT want to hear anything about hormones! I am only 36 (okay almost 37), ugghh...when did this happen. I mean honestly, when did I hit my mid-thirties. I know, I know, it is not old by any means, but really...almost 40??!! So to top the whole wonderful spa experience off, after she finishes my brows she do you want me to do your lip? AAAHHHHH!

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So Blessed said...

That was funny girl - you had me rolling! :)K