Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring is here!!! is the first day of spring. Finally we are on our way to warmer weather and I am loving it! Life has been a little crazy in is a little of what is happening with us.

~The little man has started spring flag football, practice 2 nights a week and games on Saturday.
~Gigi is doing gymnastics 1 night a week.
~We joined a new small group and are really having fun with that 1 night a week.
~Well that pretty much takes up our week.
~The crazy dog is finally under control and I think he actually likes his spot.
~The mister will be home all of next week...that is practically a miracle lately!
~Spring break offically starts tomorrow!!!!!!!!!
~We have absolutely no plans for Easter!! first time in oh I don't know 15 years, it will be nice to be home and relax.

So that is lifeinkerbyville in a nutshell. I have not had any profound thought to blog lately. Maybe I am a little to busy to do any deep thinking and I am to tired to wake up at night with a great idea. I do have some random thought though!

Why is it that my son always rips out the left knee of his pants...only the left on every pair!

Why do kids go crazy the week before spring break and on a full moon (which by the way I just noticed and it totally explained my week!

Why is it that when a teacher hears someone use the word penetration they come running for the Counselor??!! I mean what can I do??!!

How do you get through the 5th grade movie with 40 boys without anyone making some weird comment???!!! The best comment was "This is a little disturbing and I don't think we should see it until we are at least 13".

What do you say to your 6 year old when she says "Mom so and so says that she likes to have sacks with boys"?

Just a few of my random thoughts and a brief peek into my days at school. They are never dull!!! Well I guess I will go fold the laundry that is never done and has been sitting in the basket for 3 days (yes Ms. Fab 5 my mom taught me better too, but I still don't get it done!!!)



Barry Hughes said...

Hey Q,
I see you found me on the blog! I think PETA stands for:
Anyway, nice blog. That's cool you guys got a pup. We got one last Easter and now she's just over 1. See ya later.

Clover said...

Hey girl! Hope you guys had FUN at Disneyland. Can't wait for pix. I tagged you on my blog, so now you have homework.