Saturday, March 15, 2008

On the countdown!

We are on the countdown to spring break. Yeah! I can hardly wait. A whole week to relax at home is much needed in this house. The last half of the week we are going out of town. Our kids have been working hard to earn points for a spring break adventure. The mister and I were going to surprise them with a trip. The kids had been fighting and about driving me crazy so I decided to tell them that if they would get along and obey they could earn points and we would take a surprise adventure. It is working so I don't know what I will do after the trip is over. They have almost earned all of the there points. The little man told me tonight...start planning that trip mom because I am gonna get those points. I am having fun giving them little clues about where we are going. Somewhere west of our home and it will probably be warmer there are todays clues. I will keep you posted on the trip and will have pics when it is all over!


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fab5 said...

So, when exactly are you going to tell them where you are headed? I am glad you all get to get away for a few days together!