Tuesday, December 7, 2010

So I was reading an article the other day about a very popular blog. In the article it said that if you are going to be a real blogger you can't take a day off. I guess when you look at the date of my last post I'm not a real blogger. Bummer. So life has been happening in Kerbyville and I just haven't had much time to write oh, and the cord on my laptop went kaput so it has been dead for a while. I have to fight my children for a moment on the computer. Between math homework (no more textbooks to carry it is all on a website now) and checking the naughty and nice list that is not an easy task. What has been happening around here you ask? Well, we had about a foot of snow last week which amounted to a snow day. Yeah right? no, because around here employees still have to report to school even if there are no children. So I got up, had the mister shovel out the driveway (only took 2 hours) and braved my way to school. 15 minutes after I arrived they announced that it was to dangerous to be on the roads so we should all go home. Hmmm, that is brilliant. I am so happy that the people making these decisions are also in charge of the education of our children! I was happy to arrive home before 11am and have the entire day to spend with my family. It is a rare occasion that we are all home mid week with nothing to do but play in the snow and drink hot chocolate. All things were snowy at our house that day, snow forts, snow balls, snowmen, and lots of sledding. I just love the snow. If it is gonna be cold it may as well be snowy! All that snow put us right in the Christmas spirit. The tree is trimmed, cookies have been made and eaten, Christmas music is blaring, Christmas movies are being watched, all of our loved Christmas books are out for reading every night, and the Christmas countdown is on. Gigi gives me an update every morning on the number of days until Christmas. Life in kerbyville is good.

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