Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer in Kerbyville

Life in kerbyville can be hectic all winter long but when summer rolls around it is time to slow down. Every year we try to take a trip to the family cabin. It is located in the middle of no where and when I say the middle of no where well that's just what I mean. 400 acres of nothing but trees, frogs, deer, moose, elk, and lots of other critters. It is a mile trek down hill to the lake and the kids are always up for that little nature walk. They get to collect turkey feathers and wild flowers. They never ask to watch tv or play video games. At night you can see a million stars and listen to the bullfrogs sing. It's a little slice of heaven in my opinion. I love watching my kids be kids, growing up strong and slow just the way it should be. The mister spent summers at the cabin with his grandpa and now his kids are doing the same thing. There is something a little sacred about this place. An untouched piece of the world where we can escape and time can stand still for just a little while.


Dionna said...

How great to have a place to escape away to!

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