Friday, July 9, 2010

Groovin' with Ken!

We went to see Toy Story 3 tonight. I have been both dying and dreading seeing this movie. Dying because I love Toy Story, dreading because I knew it would be sad. I mean Andy goes to college. Pixar has done it again, they are brilliant. The movie was funny, entertaining, and full of good humor. I fell in love with Toy Story because I was just sure that is how it really happened when I left my toys alone. They stuck together, kept each other company, and had adventures. I also fell in love with Toy Story because it came out right around the time my little man was born. Woody and Buzz have taken adventures with him. Zurg has been blasted into outer space a million times and I have picked up those squeaky martian guys more than I can count. My little man is not so little anymore. Some toys have been cleaned out, donated, yard saled, all the dreaded things that happen to toys according to this movie. Bins of toys have been replaced with an electric guitar, ipod, skateboard, and PlayStation. He moving on to middle school in the fall and that little boy is slowly fading into a teenager. Just like Andy's mom there is a little part of me that gasps when I really stop and look at him. He still has those toys that just can't go yet. Buzz, his dinosaurs, star wars guys, tractors, and his favorite stuffed bear named beary. I'll keep them for as long as he wants, probably longer. I think Toy Story 3 may have just made my favorite movie list. The best I had tears streaming my face, my little man said "mom don't worry, I'll still come see you when I go off to college." Be still my heart.

Oh I came across this little video and thought it was cute. I decided to share. Hope you like it. I thought it was funny!


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