Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Piggy Pies

Spring has arrived here in Kerbyville. You would never know it looking at the thermometer but it has arrived and there are little clues all around me reminding me that warm weather is on it's way. I just need to be patient. One reminder of spring is babies. As I drive to work everyday I see baby calves jumping around and little lambs chasing there mothers. I spotted 12 baby geese swimming with their mothers tonight while walking the dog. I was very thankful they didn't attack me when my dog jumped in the water and started swimming after them but that is another post! I was walking through the farm store the other day and gigi and I spotted the baby chicks. Gigi has been begging and I mean begging for some baby chicks. I keep telling her that between the dog and 2 cats that they don't stand a chance at our house but that does not stop all the begging. On this particular day gigi marched right over to those little chicks and proceeded to check them over. She was confident that she would be taking a few home. She even brought the new 20 dollar bill that was burning a hole in her pocket. She figured at 79 cents a piece she could get oh, 10 chicks and some feed. I had to say no and watch the tears stream down her face as we checked out. I don't know if you know my gigi but this girl is pure country. Not really sure how that happened except deep down I am with her a little. I mean the thought of living in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of animals is kind of appealing. Don't get me wrong we can handle Louis bags and 5 star resorts but we can have just as much fun clunking around in cowgirl boots. Let's just say we are not afraid of getting dirty. So I took my girl home and tried to explain that we need a chicken coop before we could ever get chickens. We get home and that little girl flashes her brown eyes at her daddy and tells about how she wanted some baby chicks. Now I don't know if you know the mister but there is only one reason to have an animal around, you can eat it or it can eat something pesky. Okay so that is 2 reasons. He really sees no point in having a pet rabbit and the dog is around to humor me. He does like the cats because they are constantly leaving dead mice on the deck, see useful. Any hoo, I know he wonders where this country girl came from and all I can think is um, you were raised in the middle of nowhere on a dairy farm. See it came from his side of the family. When that little girl flashes those big brown eyes and says daddy I want a horse, steer, chicks, lamb, goat....you fill in the blanks because she has asked for them all. I can see the wheels turning in his head and I know if he could he would buy her 20 acres and a horse. So on this particular day he looks at me and says what would it take to make a coop. Uhh, wha....just happened? I answer with I will have to do some research. Now don't get me wrong the thought of fresh eggs sounds awesome but I will admit chickens freak me out a little. So I was very happy when I asked when we were picking up pigs for 4-H. That's right we raise pigs for 4-H. The mister said tomorrow. I have never seen my girl move so fast. She was getting her boots on and heading to the pig pen to get it ready for the new arrivals. The baby chicks were a distant memory. So for now I have managed to escape becoming a chicken farmer. We will see how long that lasts. The next day we picked up gigi and little man from school. Here she is ready to go pick out her prize pigs.

We brought home 4 little piggies all of whom will go to the market (sorry couldn't resist). 3 Yorkshire cross (they are pink) and one Hampshire (black with a pink stripe in the middle). It is scary that I even know that. Any hoo here is a picture of them in their pen. It's not very good not sure what happened to it. Their official names are Olivia, Oreo (that's the black and pink one), bacon, and sausage. They have quite the personalities. Oreo is very funny. She will lay on her side and let you rub her belly. I wonder if gigi will get extra points in fitting and showing if she can get her pig to do that for the judge. So for now they are the newest guests at kerbyville and will be with us until fair time. I think I might have to start referring to gigi as Fern. I've got a feeling there will be some tears come sale time. For now, she is making friends with them. Another season in kerbyville.

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